Matrimonial and Divorce Investigations
Spousal Surveillance:   Even the suspicion of infidelity can cause devastation in a relationship. Cactus Investigations will quietly and discreetly provide you with resolution to your questions.

Providing you with proof of spousal daily habits, gambling, “inclination and opportunity”, and infidelity.

The evidence we provide will be from a quality investigation that can be proven, documented through reports, video, photographs and background investigation, and will give you the confidence to move forward with your life.  If infidelity is established this information is invaluable in providing a strong bargaining tool in negotiations for a divorce settlement.

  • Surveillance
  • Video/Photographs
  • Reports


Child Custody – Support
The courts in Arizona are increasingly overwhelmed with “deadbeat” spouse cases and are not designed to investigate and find assets owned by or hidden by your “deadbeat” spouse.

Cactus Investigation can help you:

  • Establish if the other partner is employed and drawing a regular pay check.
  • Own their own business/ Corporation/DBA ownership
  • Locate tangible Assets- property/ Vehicles
  • Photograph Residence and Life style
  • Interviews with neighbors
  • And Much More

  • Surveillance
  • Video /Photographs
  • Reports


Child Custody- Spousal visitation
Often in divorce situations children are placed in the middle of the fight between their parents.

Should your spouse have custody?  What type if any visitation rights should they have?
Cactus investigations can provide you with:

  • Video and Photographic reports of the lifestyle /friend/habits
  • Interviews with neighbors
  • Home environment
  • Criminal background
  • and much more

The facts provided in the Investigation can assist attorneys and the court in making their recommendation for custody.

  • Surveillance
  • Video/Photographs
  • Reports


Alimony Reduction/ Cohabitation
Alimony Reduction can be requested when the ex-spouse is cohabiting.  Alimony can be reduced or eliminated when it can be proven and documented that a non-blood relative is living with and ex-spouse.

Cactus investigations can provide you with:

  • Video surveillance
  • Photographs
  • Interviews with neighbors
  • Reports


Insurance Fraud

Insurance Fraud is an increasing problem for Insurance Companies, and both large and small corporations. Cactus Investigations and Bill Tash have been very successful in uncovering persons claiming false injuries who are receiving disability. We are well versed in claimant surveillance, locating and interviewing witnesses and recording recreational and work activities.  There is no substitute for solid visual evidence to save companies money in fraudulent claims.

  • Surveillance
  • Video/Photographs
  • Report
  • Witness Statements

No matter what problems you face. Cactus Investigation can provide you with the information you need.

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Cell: 602.740.4200


  • Matrimonial Investigations and Divorce
  • Infidelity Investigation
  • Child Custody and Support
  • Alimony Reduction
  • Background Searches
  • Insurance Fraud
  • Missing Person’s

Our clients enjoy our discreet, confidential, thorough, and timely investigation techniques. We will provide video, photographic and personnel interview reports where appropriate.

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